A little while back, we had the pleasure and privilege of hosting a pair of international journalists from Food and Travel Magazine.  We greatly enjoyed spending an hour or so with them at our burger restaurant.  They had a busy schedule and were in Port Elizabeth to experience our local food culture – to eat the food, meet the people and put it all into words and pictures.

The May edition of the magazine is out and is available in the United Kingdom.  A London-based friend purchased it for us and sent us photographs of the six page spread all about traveling and eating out in Port Elizabeth and surrounds.  We are grateful to Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism for making this possible and for the great work that they do to draw attention to what our city has to offer.

Because we do have a lot to offer.  We are described in the article as “a city emerging from its industrial port heritage.”  When you are in the process of emerging, your truth lies in what you are becoming and not what you were in the past.  This truth takes flight when an outsider catches a glimpse of it and puts it into words.

The article refers to our valley development, “Converted into an industrial estate, it declined into rundown units that became the “dregs of PE” before it’s revival transformed it.”

Fred and I love being part of this transformation and are grateful that the story of our little burger restaurant is intertwined with the emergence of something new, changing the landscape and the fortune of our city.

The concluding paragraph summises, “Away from the glitz, it is Port Elizabeth’s home-grown pleasures that shine.”

Well done to all the great folks in PE playing their part in the transformation of a city from ‘industrial port’ to one worthy of a six page spread in an international travel magazine.  This, while keeping it real.

Thank you to Michael Raffael for the words and to Mark Parren Taylor for the pictures.