This is so for moms like me, and I feel like there are a lot of moms like me out there.  We have the best intentions, we have Pinterest boards.  We can even sometimes get as far as buyings some art and craft supplies, but we are not feeling like we are winning when it comes to spending quality, intentional time with our pre-schoolers.

My mom is a teacher by profession and nature.  I recall the educational games that she played with me when I was little, how fun it was to learn and play while spending quality time with my mom.  I always imagined that I would do the same, but I just can’t seem to get it together.  I don’t have the knowledge or the time to execute fun projects that meet my children’s developmental needs.

I am a big believer in not trying to be everything, and instead, relying on the gifts and skills of others where I fall short.  Panda Post Learning has been created by a mom who has a passion for early childhood development, she has put the time and effort into creating educational activity boxes for moms just like me.

If you follow my blog or Instagram, you will know that I have this thing about living slow.  Living slow is about choosing what to include in my life and making space for it.  It is also about choosing what not to include in my life.  So I have chosen not to include googling ‘age appropriate educational games for five-year-olds’.  I am not including running around finding all of the supplies or all of the cutting out and planning.

I am including the quality time with my five-year-old, who is so excited about learning right now.  I am so grateful to Panda Post Learning for making this possible.  You can find out more about their subscription boxes on their website and you can also know that I will never promote a service or product that I don’t absolutely buy into.

Caleb and I had a fun time yesterday with our August pre-school box, which is still available to order until the 10th of August.  There are multiple activities that were just challenging enough to be fun, as he was able to master them and excitedly move on to the next.  The subscription comes with a folder for each child with instructions and information for parents and additional ideas for some activities to help develop gross motor skills.

We also received a brainy blocks game which Caleb absolutely loved!  I totally recalled it from my childhood, even the photo on the box cover was the same even though the box was brand new – 80s kids, we were the best 🙂