We are a family of four living in Port Elizabeth, South Africa (dad Fred and mom Anna).  We made some changes a couple of years ago when we decided to take a chance on our dream to own a business that would allow us freedom and adventure.  The last few years have been an adventure and also lots and lots of hard work as we have laboured to lay the foundations for the life we want to live.

We want to live a slow life.  A life of connection and simplicity.  A life that allows us the space to assess what we really want to be spending our time and resources on.  And so here we are, the Slow Down Family, working on slowing down more.  We are figuring out how to apply this to all areas of our life, and how to do it while raising small children and nurturing young businesses.

Follow our journey here as we share our experiences and tips on how to minimise and create space in our lives for the things that we really want to keep.

I (Anna) am the writer of the family and this blog is my opportunity to pursue a personal passion, thanks for checking us out!


We own a burger bar called Frederick & Son.  We operate out of a small ‘hole in the wall’ kind of space in the Baakens Valley, Port Elizabeth next door to a microbrewery and within a complex of artisans and creatives.  You can learn more about Frederick & Son and our approach to food here.

We have also recently launched our retail brand, F & S Clean Living Collective, a carefully curated selection of clean living lifestyle products which you can learn more about here.